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Michael A. Johnson Link to heading
[email protected]
Edmond, OK

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Software Development Engineer with 6 years of experience at a web based SaaS platform serving over 8 million users. Backend focused utilizing PHP, Go, and C# but also comfortable working on frontend features. Experienced in agile methodologies and cross-functional collaboration. Fluent in modern DevOps tooling such as Kubernetes and CI/CD platforms.

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Languages: C# (.NET Core), Go (Golang), PHP, Javascript, SQL
Frameworks: React
Tooling: Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Git, Gitlab, Splunk, Linux, Hashicorp Vault
Knowledge: RESTful APIs, Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Unit Testing, Continuous Integration/Deployment (CI/CD), Agile

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Paycom Payroll
Software Developer (May 2017 - Now)

  • Spearheaded a project to use change events to generate pre-calculated calculation output, reducing the time needed to pull data for reports and payroll by 97% for 8.4 million employees.
  • Led unit testing and refactoring efforts in a mission-critical 30,000 line PHP class that calculates time card data used to pay 5.9 million employees.
  • Wrote an event publishing package used to publish an average of 2.4 million events per day.
  • Spearheaded JWT authentication for a time clock portal that serves an average of 2.8 million web requests for 300,000 users daily.
  • Pioneered efforts to move individual services out of a monolith and into C# microservices deployed on-premises using Kubernetes, Helm, and Hashicorp Vault serving over 30,000 clients with a combined 8.4 million employees.
  • Created a new auditing package that handles 35 million audit records daily.
  • Researched and proposed using gRPC instead of JSON over HTTP for a service resulting in 2.3x more requests per second and 1.8x faster 90th percentile response times.
  • Led design of a new PHP API documented with OpenAPI (Swagger) that serves up to 1 million requests daily.
  • Top three contributor to an internal Stack Overflow instance with approximately one thousand participants.

Paycom Payroll
Software Developer Intern (Jan 2017 - May 2017)

  • Overhauled a SaaS offering by refactoring from flat PHP scripts to an MVC framework that serves nearly 2 million requests per day.

Seagate Technology
Software Engineer Intern (May 2016 – Aug 2016):

  • Designed and implemented an email notification library utilizing C# and the Gmail API.
  • Located, diagnosed, and fixed bugs in a legacy Web Forms application.

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B.S. in Computer Science, 2017
Oklahoma Baptist University